A Canadian telecommunications company needed to ensure IT compliance


The client required a complete Security Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management plan to lower risk to acceptable levels and keep their data completely secure. Industry standard compliance (PCI) was a high priority and the company did not have an internal expert-level subject matter resource capable of taking ownership and responsibility for this high visibility mission-critical project.


Integrity ProCloud wrote a completely new and updated GRC plan, our Security Architect used ISO 27002 standards as a baseline to introduce a minimum acceptable level of security (MLOS) standard across the entire organization. In addition, Additional Risk Controls (ARC’s) were developed for high-risk projects (i.e. PCI, SOX, PII etc).

“The Integrity ProCloud Security Architect delivered a very thorough assessment and compliance plan that was implemented company wide. We were most impressed with the light compliance assessment tool that allowed our Project Managers to quickly determine their compliance status and enabled them to determine when and where they needed compliance assistance. We highly recommend the services of the security team at Integrity ProCloud!”