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The Cloud is a very big place. There is plenty of room for your organization’s new Cloud-based IT infrastructure, but you need a Cloud Transformation company that knows its way around. Integrity ProCloud. Our name says it all.

Integrity ProCloud cloud architecture

Transforming your organization to Cloud answers these IT concerns:

  • Is our data really safe?
  • Are our IT systems fully industry-compliant?
  • Can we survive and quickly recover if our IT systems fail?
  • Are we wasting money by maintaining more IT system than we need?
  • Must we continue buying expensive new servers to stay current?


Integrity ProCloud lunch and learn seminars photoWe believe people who thirst for knowledge move the world. In our information technology world, totally current IT knowledge is essential to keeping a business moving into the future. Watch this space for our next Lunch and Learn gathering. The information will be exciting, the networking opportunities outstanding, and the food delicious.

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National Management Company

The cloud architecture that was designed and delivered exceeded our expectations! The Integrity ProCloud Architect provided a clear and concise roadmap for migration to the new datacenter.

July 24, 2015

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International Financial Company

The Integrity ProCloud Architect was very thorough and professional. His knowledge and experience in cloud transformations led to a very effective close working relationship with our internal IT team. We were very happy with the knowledge transfer that occurred and are looking forward to working with the Integrity ProCloud team again on our next cloud project

July 24, 2015

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Telecommunications Company

Integrity is one of two main vendors of our group here in the Toronto area. They have excellent business ethics and strive very hard to ensure our reputation remains strong. The feedback we have to date on file for Integrity in terms of their Professional Services is that their quality of service, their speed of delivery, and their cost effective solutions are all excellent.

July 24, 2015

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Healthcare Company

A close partnership between Integrity Professional Services team and our Senior Staff was fostered from the very beginning of our Electronic Health Record project. Together we faced the challenges of a very difficult application development project in the face of a very hostile user community. The Electronic Health Record project had been attempted previously on 4 separate occasions and each and every time if failed. Everyone involved with this project went above and beyond the normal time and effort required in order to deliver this project successfully and on budget. We extremely happy with the performance of Integrity Professional Services and they remain both a client and one of our key vendors today

John Doe July 4, 2015

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Security Company

The Integrity ProCloud Security Architect delivered a very thorough assessment and compliance plan that was implemented company wide. We were most impressed with the light compliance assessment tool that allowed our Project Managers to quickly determine their compliance status and enabled them to determine when and where they needed compliance assistance. We highly recommend the services of the security team at Integrity ProCloud!

John Doee July 4, 2015