“Support” means more than waiting by the phone

Your organization cannot afford IT downtime. The term “customer service” does not describe the depth of care Integrity ProCloud provides to ensure seamless reliability in cloud-based IT operations. It requires the full involvement of a team of experts who keep their fingers on the pulse of your IT infrastructure. Our job is to be ready to repair a technical problem before it becomes a business problem. That takes the right number of Integrity ProCloud people keeping watch at the right time.


Every customer gets white-glove service from day one. Our elite Integrity ProCloud Support Consultants can actively monitor and support your entire IT environment 24/7. They have a wide range of Certifications including but not limited to: A+, MCP, CCNA, MCSE, CCNP, Net+. Red Hat, Linux and Mac OS (Apple). Remote monitoring helps us keep a close eye on your servers, desktops, applications and mobile devices. We design your system so that we become aware of and resolve problems before they can impact your business. That is what we mean by “proactive”.
Remote monitoring
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We offer clients a secure, hosted Cloud environment for business applications, supporting high-availability requirements from locations around the globe, reducing latency, and meeting Canadian data sovereignty requirements. At Integrity ProCloud we use the cutting-edge of vital technology and an effective combination of professionals, processes, and tools ensuring your IT infrastructure always performs at its best. With remote support tools and technology models such as virtualization, Cloud computing, and green IT, we ensure business-critical IT applications and infrastructure are always up and running.
Brave elephant in the clouds
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Integrity ProCloud Support Services provides flexible IT support on-demand, on-site. Clients select support levels from our a la carte service menu, or they choose an hourly rate schedule. That choice gives you the most flexible, cost-effective service available to meet your business requirements. When issues arise, we apply the necessary technological fix to keep your systems running without damaging delays. Our Break/Fix Support Services can stand alone or be integrated into our suite of Managed Support Services.
Clients support
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Every business requires access to a responsive IT help-desk infrastructure. Flexible Integrity ProCloud Support Services play vital roles in the smooth, efficient operation of any enterprise. To help your business grow, these services are available at competitive costs. We offer detailed, cost-saving plans covering PCs, Laptops, Software Applications, Servers, Printers, Peripherals, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Telecommunications Links and other Network or IT devices. Help is available and resolved according to our client’s service level requirements using our advanced ticketing tool, email, chat, and live telephone trouble-shooting.
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