Successful Cloud transformation needs an effective process

Ours is a simple process that deals with the enormous complexities of Cloud transformation.

First, we understand your existing IT infrastructure and its best path to the opportunities offered by Cloud. Then, we apply our expertise to create and realize a set of solutions that yields access to those opportunities. Finally, we can supply the services needed to take responsibility for continuous on-spec operation of the system.

Discovery session

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment is a discovery session led by Integrity ProCloud’s pre-sales team. We begin by understanding your current IT infrastructure. This discovery session provides you with a SWOT analysis of your IT infrastructure, TCO, and an ROI report for transforming your legacy IT systems to a secure enterprise-grade Cloud architecture.

Our Cloud Readiness Report follows, outlining current IT risks, compliance issues, and giving an overview of recommended consolidation projects. This report helps you discover the potential of Cloud computing for your organization.

Professional cloud assessment

Design stage

Integrity ProCloud’s certified Senior Cloud Architects perform an in-depth review to fully understand the current state of your IT architecture and the complex relationships between your data and applications.

Security is the highest priority in the design of your future IT architecture. We deliver a detailed Technical Solutions Document (based on TOGAF standards) outlining all the engineering workbooks required to accomplish your Cloud transformation project. Additionally, we provide all financial components, enabling you to fully understand your new TCO and ROI. Combined, these reports comprise a high-level, detailed roadmap to the cloud.

Cloud Architecture Design


Integrity ProCloud’s certified Cloud Subject Matter experts execute your Cloud transformation project under the direction and supervision of our Senior Cloud Architect, who designs your solution. Our team of highly qualified technicians develops a proof of concept.

A new, secure, and compliant private, hybrid, or public Cloud-based architecture is created in a parallel environment that does not impact your production environment. The architecture is thoroughly tested by your own IT team and a focus group of your business users. This ensures all outlined business benefits are realized prior to final implementation.

The final steps in your project are provision and review of system documentation and end-user training.

Cloud Transformation


We manage more of the process so you have the peace of mind needed to stay on top of your business instead of managing IT resources.

Integrity ProCloud Support Services solutions are fully compliant with industry-standard best practices. Our customer-centred approach to support includes proactive services that actually prevent IT problems, thus increasing uptime, reducing costs, and helping protect the value of your IT investment.

Integrity ProCloud Support Services are augmented by our Cloud, security, and professional services, increasing the value gained from Cloud, expediting onboarding, and optimizing ongoing IT management.

Professional cloud support